Yoga Teacher

Elena first discovered yoga around year 2000. However it was after her hysterectomy operation in 2015 she become serious and consistent in her practise. It was a struggled in the beginning as her body conditions was not in good shape. She often asked herself why she is here today in class? Why is everyone so strong? How is standing on the head even possible? However ass she persevere, she managed to achieve her first full split in 3 months even though without any background in gymnastic trainings and since then she was determined that she can achieve anything if she put her mind on it. Elena managed to do her headstand (away from the wall) in 9 months and since then she fell in love with yoga. She felt yoga became a healing space for her – both body and mind. Through her Yoga Teachers Training course, she deepen her understanding in various aspect of Yoga – asana, pranayama, philosophy, physiology and anatomy. Through yoga, she has learnt to be mindful and to live each and every moment with gratitude. Having benefited from Yoga, Elena would like to impart her knowledge and guide her students in their yoga practise.

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