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Academy of Yoga is a Singapore brand. We conduct yoga teachers training programs, workshops & classes (private yoga classes / small group yoga classes / corporate yoga classes) with the aim of educating both yoga teachers and practitioners on all aspect of yoga.
  • Yoga Teachers Training

    Want to be a yoga teacher or simply just to deepen your yoga practise?  Sign up our yoga teachers training course!  This is a comprehensive course that gives participants an all rounded understanding in yoga. Topics covered: Asana, Pranayama, Anatomy & Philosophy.

  • Yoga for Back Care

    Experiencing back pain or discomfort in the back?  In many cases, back pain is caused by bad postures, long hours of sitting in front of the computer. Focus of the classes – improve postures and creating space through lengthening.  Join our back care yoga class to improve on your situation.

  • Private Yoga Classes

    Busy with work and family?  Private classes gives you the flexibility – time and location.  No hassles of spending time to go to visit a yoga studio.  You will also have full attention from the instructor and classes tailored to suit your body condition and progress.
  • Yoga Foundation / Back to Basics

    New to yoga?   Start learning from the basic to develop strong foundation to prevent injury as you progress to more advance poses.  For those who had been practising yoga for some time, it is also good to re-visit the foundation again.  Join our Yoga Foundation / Back to Basics classes.

  • Hatha Yoga - Alignment Focused

    Hatha Yoga – consist of pranayama, meditation, arm balance, inversion, twisting to maintain an all rounded personality.  Different levels are available to suit all – Level 1, 1/2, 2.    The classes focus on alignments and engagement of  muscles.

  • Corporate Yoga Classes

    Interested to have a yoga teacher at your company’s premises for yoga classes?  Convenient and also helps to enhance relationship among colleagues.  Classes can be scheduled before work, during lunch hours or after work.

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Yoga Teacher
Golf has an international certification in Yoga Instructor Training recognized by the International Yoga Federation (I.Y.F) & Yoga Alliance (YA). After completion of her certification, she continues to teach in Fit Innovation (Thailand) to spre...


Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Coach, Yoga Philosophy Teacher
Kathirasan is a passionate teacher of Yoga Philosophy and highly respected for his knowledge and discourses on the subject. He has been a teacher of Yoga Philosophy and other related subjects for over 17 years. He has the strength in articul...


Yoga Teacher
Tian (aka Yi Nuo) has a pleasant and approachable personality and outstanding communications and interpersonal skills which are important aspect of a good yoga teacher.  She is bilingual in English and Mandarin. She is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT5...
Jasmine Teo

Jasmine Teo

Yoga Teacher
Jasmine Teo was introduced to Yoga in 2008 when she was working in Vietnam. After leaving her corporate job, she went to India for her 200 hours teachers training program at India, Rishikesh (Rishikesh Yog Peeth). She used to have very bad sinu...
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